We make sure the creative people have the flexibility they need to create their best works. We develop new partnerships as projects evolve, and many of these individuals play a role on steering groups or as critical friends supporting our strategic action plans and artistic direction and ambition.

If we appeal to your way of working or ethos, even if it’s just an idea for a project or for just to hear a friendly northern voice then we would love to hear from you.

Current Associate Artists include:

maface-leeLee Ivett – Architect Baxendale Design

Founder of participatory architecture, art and design studio Baxendale Design Co. My mode of practise is intensely generative, developing sustainable, socially-focussed projects from scratch for working class and marginalised communities within the UK. We develop strategy and facilitate action at a variety of scales; co-ordinating multiple creative disciplines to deliver incremental and responsive change. I am also a Tutor/lecturer at the Mackintosh School of Architecture, conducting research on participatory cultural practice as a tool for creating conditions for user generated urbanism. I am also a board member of Baltic Street Adventure Playground, a director and producer of The Architecture Fringe Festival and producer of Test Unit; an annual architecture, art, design and urbanism summer school in Glasgow

Selected for inclusion in New Architects 3 – the definitive survey of the best British architects to have set up practice in the ten years since 2005

 I very very occasionally play bass guitar in a band with visual artist Nicola Atkinson [Nadfly] and musician Stevie Jackson [Belle and Sebastian], I also love a castle and I was young Archaeologist of the year when I was 11

I have designed children’s care homes, community centres, work spaces and homes as well as developing community action plans for local groups. I am currently delivering ‘Project Main St in the Scottish town of Beith which uses visual interventions, physical interventions and capacity building with local business and groups to improve the condition of the town centre. I have been a contributor to BIO50 – Biennial of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana developing adaptable modules for prototyping public space and amenity. I designed, developed and built Woodlands Community Garden with the local community in Glasgow. I have been a unit leader and international live build summer schools in Hungary [Hello Wood], England [Studio in the Woods] and Scotland [Test Unit].

  Despite a background and training in architecture much of my work spans creative disciplines. The Eat Culture utilise a variety of means and methods in order to change and improve a cultural and social condition and m experience in strategic urban development, the built environment and making will complement the experience, knowledge and skills already within the TEC team. I was born in Preston and I am excited by the opportunity to wok collaboratively with those seeking to improve my home town.

Building capacity and agency; utilising the act of making as a tool for developing local empowerment and transferring knowledge and skills. Reducing an ever increasing isolation from the things that make life worth living. Providing the means and opportunity to experience individual and shared moments of delight previously considered incomprehensible due to the limitations of your environment

Associate & Resident artists are given opportunities to develop and present work & projects in association with the Continental Arts Space / They Eat Culture as a creative agency, in order to help achieve the overall aims of They Eat Culture and the aims of the individual artist. They are encouraged to develop useful relationship with other associate artists and outside public, private, and grassroots organisations.


Christian-webChristian Krupa – Animator / Film maker

Christian Krupa is an animator and film maker who has worked across a wide field of creative and commercial disciplines. Beginning in video games he moved into film and television production both as an animator and as a director with his co founders at Shroom, an animation studio in East London. He has exhibited and performed work in Tate Britain and The Victoria and Albert Museum as well as shown nationally and internationally in group shows. He currently works freelance from West Yorkshire making video pieces for education, broadcast, live music and events.

I like to work with a wide variety of materials, from film and video to CG and drawn animation with an ultimate goal of atmospheric visual storytelling, exploring themes of justice and alienation.

TEC projects you have worked on: The Last Battle, Uptown, WeCorp, UCLAN / Foxton Game project – Grand Theft Austerity.

I work with TeC as they are an agency that connects me to strands of life and culture that I might miss in my normal life, and brings me together with sets of talented and enthusiastic people to create things which are greater than the sum of their parts.

That people are drawn towards culture and art rather than made to feel that it is something that is difficult to understand or enjoy and that we as artists are able to express ourselves in ways that do this without losing the intentions we set out with.


Joshua Horsley

Joshua is an Artist, Composer and Academic working at UCLan. Joshua’s practice engages with minimal extents in music and in sound.  He explores how reduced time, material, sound-object, place, and gesture can affect compositional process, the realised work, and audience engagement.  Joshua works within acoustic, electronic, and electroacoustic remits, often presenting the work alongside other disciplines.

Joshua’s practice and research has been disseminated internationally including presentations at Tate Modern, Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium, and Ljudbio på Slottsbiografen.

I spend time away from making music, making music and performing as yehoshua (concrete tapes), painting in my shed, and talking until the morning.

I worked with They Eat Culture on  ‘Lancashire Encounter: Home’ (2016) ‘Talk to Me’ (2016) ‘The Last Battle’ (2015) ‘BFI: Days of Fear and Wonder – E.T’ & Tron  (2014)

 They Eat Culture represent cultural enrichment through dialogue with the people of Preston and the surrounding region.  Working with the team has enabled me to develop an appreciation for the practical and social aspects of my work and the work of other artists within a community.

Art is something to be identified with.  I hope that through They Eat Culture, the people of Preston can create and engage with work that represents the community.



headshot 7 jon bJon Aveyard – Composer, Performer and Audio Artist

I am a composer, performer and audio artist based in Preston.  I am the project lead for University of Central Lancashire’s Something for Everyone project supporting community arts groups including the Worldwise Samba Drummers (for which I am the musical director), the Preston Samba Dancers (led by my wife Anna Debbage), the Preston People’s Choir and more.  My original pieces combine skills drawn from contemporary composition, soundscape composition, found sound performance, interdisciplinary improvisation, installation art and binaural audio recording.  I am a member of the electroacoustic improvisation group Third City with Dan Wilkinson, and the conga group Aguere led by Ryan Dixon.  Other collaborators include composer Josh Horsley, dancer Giorgio de Carolis, and Carl Brown of Preston Field Recordings.

I worked with They Eat Culture on The Last Battle (leading ensembles of student performers, the Preston People’s Choir, and the Worldwise Samba Drummers), and Days of Fear and Wonder (providing student ensembles for the ‘Dredd’ screening, and working alongside Dan Wilkinson and Anna Debbage to provide performance material for the ‘Tron’ screening).  I have also programmed and performed at a number of events at The Continental.

They Eat Culture brings ambitious, engaging and meaningful projects to Preston and beyond.  These provide exciting opportunities for me as an artist as well as for the students and community groups with which I work.  They Eat Culture contributes to the growing development of Preston into a recognized site of cultural significance.  I look forward to a time when the people of Preston are truly proud of the innovative and imaginative artistic output of their city.


Past Artist

Associate & Resident artists are given opportunities to develop and present work & projects in association with the Continental Arts Space / They Eat Culture as a creative agency, in order to help achieve the overall aims of They Eat Culture and the aims of the individual artist. They are encouraged to develop useful relationship with other associate artists and outside public, private, and grassroots organisations.

Jenn Ashworth  Writer

The Preston-based novelist and short story writer acted as the writing development co-ordinator for They Eat Culture, programming and presenting Word Soup and delivering creative writing workshops. In 2009 her first novel, A Kind of Intimacy, was published,  winning a 2010 Betty Trask Award. On the publication of her second novel, Cold Light, in 2011, she was featured on the BBC’s Culture Show as one of the UK’s 12 best new novelists. Her short stories have appeared in the MIR 9, The Manchester Review, Dogmatika, Beat the Dust, Jawbreakers and Bugged, among other places. Her third novel, The Friday Gospels, was published by Sceptre last year.  She also lectures in Creative Writing at Lancaster University  and reviews fiction for The Guardian.

Lisa Wigham and Kathryn Wheatley Artists

  – curated a year’s worth of Salon Events at The Continental.  Lisa is an artist and curator currently based in the North West having returned to her roots after working in London and the South East throughout the last decade. She has curated projects and exhibitions from London public houses to international art museums. She Lisa works as both a printmaker using traditional processes and as a book artist making and distributing books and zines that utilise modern methods of commercial print production. Kathryn is also an artist and curator.  She studied at East London University and later went on to show in the UK and Germany.  In 1999 she launched Transit studios and Gallery with artist Ali Musa in Hackney London.

Bob Walley – Environmental

TEC joined forces with this Environmental Artist to bring green creative sessions to The Continental and Preston. Bob ran Re-Make a series of environmental workshops and green creative sessions. These included making artworks from non-recyclable materials, raising awareness about the amount of un-recyclable materials that are put into landfill, guerrilla gardening, & re-claiming the streets with good old pedal power. Bob is currently Associate Lecturer in Peer Led Outreach Education at UCLan.

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