Salon Events

They Eat Culture has been running Salon events at The Continental since 2009. Guest curators have been invited to organise a series of Exhibitions in the main bar and snug in  an on-going programme.

Sample exhibition strand: As part of They Eat Culture’s visual arts programme, a panel of three local artists – David Henckel, Simon Plum and Jonny Moss, with curator Nathalie Boobis, scoured the region’s degree shows to select work by eight outstanding  graduate artists for exhibition.

The work featured in Best In Show 2011 is by 2011 graduates from LancasterUniversity, LiverpoolJohnMooreUniversity, ManchesterMetropolitanUniversity and The University of Central Lancashire.

If you are interested in curating please contact


Other Art happenings

Nomadic Village Travelling Exhibition Days 5 & 6

 From 21 May to 3 June 2012, CountyDurham hosted a unique village within the town of Wolsingham. The 35 international residents of the ‘NomadicVillage’ worked in camper vans, caravans, marquees and a converted police bus. The 12-day project provided space for professional artists to live, work, and respond to the location.

The resulting exhibition travels in suitcases and will be shown in a caravan rebuilt into a gallery. This touring exhibition travelled to  England, France, Italy and Austria – and came to The Continental July 2012 and was combined with an arts talk.

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