Nov 2015

The Last Battle was commissioned as part of The Harris Museum, Library, and Art Gallery’s ‘The Last Battle On English Soil’.

It created a large public-access audiovisual & performance event in November 2015, placing the events of 1715 into the contemporary contexts of Preston in 2015. This built on engagement workshops from our associate and commissioned artists, including stories written and performed by 7-9 yr olds, placed as audio installation, alongside lanterns made during public workshops and given out on site. We were commended in a letter from the DCMS Minister of Heritage for our contemporary heritage work.
Funded by Heritage Lottery Fund

The Last Battle placed historic moments from the 1715 Jacobite Rising into 2015 Preston. Through promenade performance, artist commissioned sound and light, this family-friendly event allowed audience members to discover stories from the streets and engage in helping stop the war on their doorsteps.

Those at The Battle could get involved by picking a side, building a barricade, singing along to battle out a Jacobite, asking onsite historians questions. Or simply just picking up a protest lantern and giving a heckle and riot shout!

What would you do if you encountered an angry Jacobite in full battle mode in a takeaway on Church Street? Run a mile? Join the rebels? Inform the Government? Ask for a chip?

Audiovisual artist commission interventions included – Large scale Projection mapping,  CCTV camera installations pre recorded scenes &  commissioned films and played through tamyos, TV’s and flat screens inside multiple  open venues and in windows onto the street.  Commissioned Sound pieces played through shop tamyos and speakers onto the street. Recorded stories to be intermittently listened to from inside a sited taxi.