Scratch Preston, an informal showcase of new performance projects and ideas. Each night features a range of live performance; Theatre, Dance, Comedy, Spoken Word and the unexpected. After the scratches the audience will have the chance to give feedback allowing the artists to respond and develop their idea.

All of the acts take place in the Event Space at The Continental so you can enjoy the evening in the comfort of your local pub.

To showcase at the next Scratch Preston please email Charlotte Berry – for more details.


Scratch Preston is hosted by They Eat Culture’s resident theatre company Tin Can People. Tin Can People is made up of Rob Gregson, Charlotte Berry & Chloe Stollery.

Remember Me - Hatch


Previous Scratch Preston events.


Scratch Preston: April

Tobias Doyle - Is this the Modern Man?

One boys struggle to find out what it means to be a man. Exposing the preconceptions we have of ‘Manliness’, this performance will take you on a journey, bouncing back and forth between childhood memories, the concept of ‘man points’ and a father’s conversation with his son. An autobiographical piece that inter-weaves these elements and offers no answers…. just one boys experience

George Richards - 10 Minutes to Now

Have you ever tried to summarize your whole life in ten minutes? No, neither have I, till now. This text is exactly that, it’s a swirling whirlpool of rhyming, time scaling, moment reliving and memory sharing. Including my conception, school life, my close call with appendicitis and my roller-coaster 20 years so far. All in a desperate attempt to work out how I’ve become who I am today and the person I’ve become so far.

 Sarah Leahy - A Mermaids Dream Of Being That Ham Subway

This is the story about a girl becoming a plain ham subway through high flying kicks, tossed salad and a cucumber confined to the naughty bowl.

Garry Cook with special guest performer, Charlotte Brown - Pub Karaoke Photography Exhibition 

Watch photographer Garry Cook exhibit photography like you’ve never before – while performing classic pub karaoke songs, subverting both the song lyrics and the concept of a photography exhibition to deliver a unique critique of modern-day culture. The first project is set of documentary images about unhealthy living called Drinking, Eating, Puking. Following that is a project called Breastfeeding Re-enactments. Taken by photographer Rosie Burrows, they feature conceptual artist Claire Doyle in a variety of breastfeeding poses referencing classical art portraits. If you’re a fan of the objectification of women’s breasts and are a misogynist, you’ll love this one.


Scratch Preston: March

Kieran Haggitt - How many of Me?

Self-expression and identity has become an emerging struggle in our social media driven world. People are thriving to become unique, and when it boils down to the basics of names. How unique are you really?@HaggittK

Actor AwarenessNetflix and chill with Bae

It’s all about that terrifying 1st date and when you start over thinking that dreaded first move it goes from bad to worse.

PJ ProductionsDoorstep

A lot can go on behind a closed door. Sometimes you just have to knock on one to discover all sorts of different secrets. Sometimes you just have to know what’s going on back there. Sometimes you get an urge…

Richard KennedyShe was the one that…

We will talk, you might listen, maybe we will smile, at times we might cry, at one point I will be dancing and badly singing, together we will experience the story of the common people beginning with this autobiographical solo. @RSkennedy1995

The House of MiseryThe Human Condition

A dark comedy theatre piece about a documentary maker, Freya Freeman, who has made a film entitled ‘The Human Condition’. The film explores, through existentialist eyes, the duality of man by taking an in depth look at a theatre group called ‘No time for TV’. The group have just finished the third series of their BAFTA award winning TV comedy ‘Fifty Shades of Earl Grey’. Whilst being interviewed the cast and crew slowly reveal what it is to be human but perhaps the documentary reveals a little more than they had bargained for!

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