Preston 3 Twenty is an ambitious 20-year long writing project that has been commissioned by ‘Made In Preston’ as part of the 2012 Guild and They Eat Culture’s alliance with Lancashire Writing Hub.

Preston 3:20 – at Guild2012

Preston 3:20 invited three North-West writers, David Gaffney, Claire Massey and Richard Evans to deliver stories of Preston’s past, present and future.

Central to the project are the Guild dates; beginning at the 1972 Guild and working towards future Guilds in 2032 and 2072.

Preston 3:20 hopes to forge a literary legacy, as part of the Guild tradition which will last (at least) until the next guild in 2032. Encouraging the local people of Preston to engage in creative writing, for example through Postcards from Preston and My Preston, to explore their own history and in telling their own stories. We aim to commission writers over the years until Guild2032 to develop this ever-changing, portmanteau tale of the city.

Visitors picked up audio walking tours departing from the temporary ‘Map’ shop space in St Georges shopping centre.

The writers were invited  back to lead guided walks of their stories through the city  for The Frozen North Winter Weekender.