May Day

June 2015

We produced exhibition stands inside the marquee as an opportunity to get to know people in their communities and record their journeys, stories and personal memories of walks and place.

Cultural Journeys Stand

We created a stand with three maps for Burnley, Bank Hall and Trinity wards. Visitors interacted with the magnetic maps and placed personal drawings and messages regarding their attachment to the location or landmark.

Walking Days Stand

Walking Days are still part of living history. We wanted to hear about Burnley’s walking days. We encouraged attendees in advance through social media to post photographs, films, and stories, and used some of these on the display chalk boards that visitors then added new memories & thoughts to on the day.

With three mounted ipads we screening looped archive films of historic walking days for visitors to drop in and out of throughout the day.

Archive games
Archive games were procured from the museum of Lancashire and set up for visitors to interact and play at the event.

Photo & Video Booth & recording of cultural journeys

We captured the day, recording stories and photographing attendees live on site. With this will start to build a community archive and develop our approach to the forthcoming work.

We created a filmed record of the event using edited footage taken throughout the day.

Video work by alison

The Cultural Journeys stand was also taken to the Play Day park festival.