Chip Shop Chips 2016

It was the grand reopening of Booth’s Fish & Chip Shop. Eric returned home, over forty years after he left, and it was time for a fresh start. But old flame Christine had other ideas. Transported back to a time of chippy teas and Northern Soul, there was unfinished business for these old lovers. Watching teenage love stumble as hapless Lee make a pass at the beautiful Jasmine, was it all just history repeating?

Focusing on love at different ages and celebrating the nation’s favourite food, Chip Shop Chips was an immersive, participatory love story set in a chippy performing in unusual spaces across the North.

Audiences  put on their dancing shoes, tucked into a fish supper and enjoyed  a unique theatrical experience. Dinner, dance and a show all rolled into one!


Working in conjunction with Cinema for All and in programme consultation with the Foxton centre clients, we delivered a season of screenings at The Foxton Centre. The events have brought people together for all the groups that use the centre, not only for entertainment but in some instances it has facilitated conversation about  their own experiences that run parallel to film thematics. We hope to extend the programe as it has had such a positive impact on individuals.

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