Partners MSA and The Foxton Centre. Build sponsors Conlon Construction

Unveiling Event – Thursday May 5th

Community Consultation & Youth Group afternoon at Smiths Rec

Working with the Manchester School of Architecture (MSA), The Foxton Centre,  its participants, and Conlon Construction, we created a versatile structure for outdoor activities and events.

A team of fifth year MSA students, assisted by first and second years, worked closely alongside us on the structure as part of the ‘Foxton Lives’ project, an ongoing project that has embeded Arts into the daily life of the Foxton Centre. All building materials were sourced and supplied by Conlon Construction Ltd.

The  unveiling event on May 5th was an opportunity for community consultation inviting beneficiaries, stakeholders, planners and architecture engagement professionals to discuss what is needed in the local built environment.

“Architecture often involves working intently with a client to produce a building that can often disregard the wishes of the wider community,” says Adam White, one of the students leading the project. “The collaboration between MSA and They Eat Culture has allowed us to address this issue, engaging with the Foxton centre community and gaining a better understanding of their needs.”

The resulting structure is flexible and portable, able to be packed away and rebuilt for future projects and events. Versatile enough to host everything from workshops and children’s plays, to performances and film screenings.

We will be using it across the city and with the Foxton Centre over the summer months.

Please contact us is you would be interested in using the Contemplation space contact

‘All in all a very positive and rewarding collaboration from the viewpoint of Conlon Construction. We remain impressed by the collaborative, practical and innovative attitude of the students. This will prove invaluable to them in their future careers.’ Michael Conlons

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