• Celebrated – the food heritage of Lancashire, often-overlooked
  • Explored – what food means to us socially and culturally
  • Challenged – people to think about food challenges such as dementia, where our food comes from, future food issues

Listening, Responding, Connecting, Transforming 

Banquet was a large scale, ambitious, participatory event produced by LeftCoast and They Eat Culture October 2015 culminating in a 2 day collaborative celebration event, bringing together artists and communities for a celebration of all things food at the Pavilion theatre, Winter Gardens, Blackpool.

The Banquet event was the culmination of months of artist led activities in communities, who helped to create everything from the plates and bowls, to the table and the salt people put on their meals.

Banquet combined performances, installations, talks and shared meals which all explored food, what it means to us, where it comes from and the pleasure of eating together.

The project

Event Programme:

Walk, Talk, Eat with me performance – Unfinished business
Blackpool site walk and a piece of theatre created through an intensive 6 day workshop process including a 3 day residential with 8 young people from Streetlife.

Food Hall
15 stalls of produce, talks, samples. Including Speakers corner Buggered without Bees. Peter Brooks – Eating with Dementia. Fairshare, Wyre Salt project.

Dishing the Dirt Performance - Food Riots
Environment artist Kerry Morrison and FoodRiot chef Gill Watson presented a performance meal to make you really question where your food comes from.

Homestead – Squash Nutrition
Pancake making

Sample of pre-event making workshops: Peoples Pottery Project:

Ceramic artists Emilie Taylor and Victoria Dawes have been setting up ‘Peoples Potteries’ in various locations across Blackpool.

The initiative, commissioned by Left Coast and They Eat Culture, drew on community projects that took place in England in the past, where pots celebrated the harvest and depicted local stories. The Peoples Potteries have led to the creation of a 30-piece dinner set which was utilised during celebratory banquet.

Funding: LeftCoast, Blackpool and Wyre’s Creative, People and Places Programme funded by Arts Council England. www.leftcoast.org.uk