They Eat Culture in collaboration with the Abandon Normal Devices (AND) Festival -Sept 2011, created a truly unique live outdoor cinema experience.

Preston city centre’s covered market was transformed into a drive-in cinema platform, AND presented Nic Roeg’s otherworldly David-Bowie-starring 1976 classic The Man Who Fell to Earth.

Creative producers TEC, and friends from alison, Preston Youth Theatre, & Bordello Theatre created a dystopian world ‘We-Corp Versus the World’ – a murky world of aliens, corporate bully boys and renegades performers inspired by the films’ characters.

Using expanded cinema trailers, broadcasts, direct action, samizdat flyers and text message back-story, products & street theatre set dress, fake adverts, billboards & graffiti, & fake pirate radio inserts , creating a world through which the audience travelled.

The Screenings were followed by text-directions to a secret party where the world span on its head further, with DJs, live music acts, & performance.