Hit The North – a participatory cross-arts project funded by Arts Council England developed in and around Preston’s Victorian train station.

Hit the North  developed the public’s arts and cultural aspirations  in a site of low cultural engagement. Using the station & surrounding sites as spaces for display, performance, creative experiment and cultural conversations, we worked with the communities and people who inhabit the spaces alongside emergent and established artists to explore questions of regional identity, notions of Northerness and the relationship between community and place.

It was delivered as a series of multi disciplinary artist residencies, commissions & co-productions that had a foundation in socially engaged practice.

Caravan of Love


April 2016 

As part of #HitTheNorth, Eggs Collective took  a mini-break in a caravan in the middle of Preston.

They invited the public to drop in and talk about love. Over the course of the week the stories were collected and woven together to create the ultimate gift a town can have: its very own power ballad.

Delving into the hearts of the people of Preston, Eggs Collective wanted to know what love was and created a unique portrait of the town, which was unveiled at the Continental, complete with billowing veils and candles. This was followed by a performance of Late Night Love, a funny and angry show about expectation, romance and Richard Gere.

Late Night Love was performed at The Continental, Preston on Thursday 28th April, 8pm. Read more HERE. 



The Oasis Social Club




September 2015

Preston Railway Station played host to a fantastic four day performance in a temporary social club for performance, fun, and debate – The Oasis Social Club.

The club is the brainchild of London-based artist Rebecca Davies. It’s a vibrant, temporary space, complete with a licensed bar, encouraging the local communities to participate in discussions about their area and take part in a range of fun activities and entertainment.

Like any social or working man’s club, Oasis was a place to talk about matters that affect the area and the community, alongside wider discussion around what defines ‘the north’ and what it means to live and work here.

Through conversations with the local community – including a ‘Bingo and Meat Raffle’ event  – Rebecca devised a fictional ‘host’ figure for the club and remained in character for the duration of the event;  46 year old Denise Sheila Braithwaite from Penwortham!



Preston : A Tour
From the Station to The Harris, with an introduction to Preston’s local history archive
Book Binding
Make a book from scratch, using pages from Preston’s historial manifestos

Denise Braithwaite’s BINGO!
The Preston Bill
A work in progress. Play by Andy Smith (with Fuel Theatre).


Brassed Off with Mags
A workshop with our cleaning lady, engrave your brassware!
Locomotive Landscape Class with Denise
A drawing class exploring the sites and sounds of the Preston Railway Station
Denise Braithwaite’s BINGO!
LGBTQ Cinema For All : Discussion and film screening


Aerobics with Tracey
Includes anti DVT exercises tailored for our taxi drivers and commuters
Cardboard Sumo with Mags
World Café with practical philosopher Ayisha de Lanerolle
An exploration into Northernness and Northern Grit

Denise Braithwaite’s BINGO!
Night of Local Live Music (The Moonbeams)


Aerobics with Tracey
Includes anti DVT exercises tailored for our taxi drivers and commuters
Make your NORTHERNNESS BANNER to accompany the Manifesto

As put together by the HOST and PRESTON COMMITTEE
Denise Braithwaite’s BINGO!
Closing Party with INDUSTRAOKE!
Karaoke with a special Industrial twist


Im Glad you are here



As part of our Hit The North launch Lowri Evans  delivered  I’m Glad You’re Here:  the first in a series of creative engagements with Preston’s train station.

Hit the North Font, we asked…..
We’re talking to as many people as possible about what the idea of northerness means to them – and you! We need your help and 5 minutes of your time. The way we work is all about involving people every step of the way as participants, audience, makers of art and culture in their community. We need to get the ball rolling! That’s where you come in (if you fancy it of course!).
Below are downloadable files with a letter at the top and a blank space below with a couple of rules to follow… all we ask is that you draw us the letter in the box (and fill the info in on page 2) and send it back to us, digitally via the magic of the interweb or physically via postman pat.

We would love you to draw / write it by hand, because we want to feel your northern soul – and simple is fine – Chris, our designer, will transform the letters into a font that we can use as part of the project. Your input is really important to us, which is why we’ve come directly to you in this first round of call outs!

Twitter: @theyeatculture #Hitthenorth

Facebook: They Eat Culture

Website: www.theyeatculture.org
For more information email: ewa@theyeatculture.org
Project supported using public funding from Arts Council England.